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Our Story

We empower our clients to see their ideas come to life and make informed decisions before construction even begins.

Welcome to our studio, where design meets reality! At 2 Scale Visuals, we believe that every great structure begins with a vision. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to revolutionizing the building and construction industry by providing a unique and immersive experience for home builders, home buyers, and business owners alike.

Founded in 2023 by our visionary founder, a renowned architectural drafter in Lubbock, Texas, 2 Scale Visuals was born out of a desire to bridge the gap between imagination and realization. With our state-of-the-art studio equipped with nine floor projectors and one wall projector, we offer an unparalleled opportunity to project and explore floor plans and renderings to scale before a single brick is laid or a beam is raised.

We understand the challenges that homeowners, business owners, and even builders face when it comes to visualizing their ideas and making critical decisions during the construction process. Often, traditional blueprints and two-dimensional drawings fail to capture the true essence and spatial dynamics of a design. This can lead to costly errors, misunderstandings, and disappointment down the line.

That’s where we come in. At 2 Scale Visuals, we have created a space where dreams come to life. Our advanced projection technology allows our clients to step into their future spaces and experience them in a realistic and immersive manner. With our floor projectors, we can project accurate floor plans onto the ground, enabling clients to walk through their virtual homes or offices and explore every detail.

Our wall projector takes it a step further by transforming any wall into a canvas for imagination. Clients can project lifelike renderings onto the walls, giving them a 360-degree view of their space and allowing them to make informed decisions about layout, lighting, colors, and more. By providing this cutting-edge visualization experience, we empower our clients to see their ideas come to life and make informed decisions before construction even begins. This reduces errors and misunderstandings and increases satisfaction throughout the entire building and construction process.

At 2 Scale Visuals, we are more than just a studio – we are a partner in your journey. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to working closely with you to understand your vision and bring your dreams to reality. Whether you are a home builder looking to showcase your designs, a home buyer eager to envision your dream home, or a business owner seeking to optimize your space, 2 Scale Visuals is the destination where possibilities become tangible. Step into our studio, let your imagination soar, and witness the power of projection technology to transform your ideas into awe-inspiring reality.

Join us on this incredible journey as we redefine the way we build and create. Together, let’s build a future where dreams take shape, one projection at a time.

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